Business PCs & IT Services

Since 2007, Lotus has been Orlando’s local computer manufacturer, making PCs for customers who demand quality, performance, and reliability.

Lotus business computers offer the same functionality from the major-brand PCs you’re using today, but with no bloatware, a better user experience, and the personal customer service on which we’ve built our reputation.

Choosing Lotus computer for your business means you’ll get better PCs with great locally-backed service. We don’t just build the computers, we support them too.

We offer excellent desktop and laptop PCs built specifically for business, and we also offer service plans to keep them running at 100%. You should focus on running your business, not on being your IT manager.

Let us be your IT manager.

Business IT Support

Honest, reliable IT services for small business.

There aren’t many options for good IT services and PC support for small businesses. The “geeks” don’t know what they’re doing. The other local shops often charge too much and don’t offer the services a small business really needs. We specialize in small business.

At Lotus, we have the expertise and flexibility to support Orlando’s businesses with great IT support and computer services that are designed especially for small business. Whether you own a small retail shop, family-owned restaurant, or law office, we can build a plan that suits your unique needs and IT infrastructure. Continue reading “Business IT Support”

Business Computers

Your business has unique needs. That’s why we can build PCs designed around your business.

Our computers run Windows or Linux just like the PCs you already use, but they’re built to order based on the unique needs of each of our customers. They’re fast, built with the best components for reliability, and come with business-class service and support.

No matter what you need in a computer, you can count on us to build a custom solution that works for your business. And it won’t break the bank, as our PCs are priced competitively with even HP, Dell and Lenovo.

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We offer customized products and services for small and midsize businesses in Central Florida.

If you’re not happy with your computers or your IT situation, please contact us. We’ll build a great plan just for your business.

Let Lotus build a solid IT plan for your business.